Shameless self promotion - Academy

PLEASE NOTE: the title is a (bad) joke. I’m not self promoting, I’m talking about one of my forge maps but last time I checked - I don’t get paid for forging, this is feedback for infinite’s academy, don’t play it, I don’t care, I can’t even get on H5 now because I’m too tight to pay for Xbox live now I don’t need to :wink:

Ok so, when I used to play H5 (I’m in my forties, I’m not a H5 kid, leave me alone!) I noticed lots of people whining about the aiming and thought I’d do something about it.

I taught myself (and YouTubed) forging and made my own academy style thingy. Was very basic at first, lots of weapons and a few barrels, I made it public, got a few likes, kept adding to it, completely rebuilt it twice, changed all the scripting to workaround all the usual forge bugs, finally finished it completely the day infinite released but it was public everyday and was always adding to it :joy:

Its called BoxBot (it’s square with ‘bots’ - I’m creative with titles), ended up with a few hundred likes and bookmarks, and 500ish plays.

It’s got a grunt that strafes with boxes flying at you that you’re supposed to dodge while you shoot the grunt’s face, another grunt with no boxes, spot of plinko with barrels, mock up of arena with yet more barrels to shoot, a giant octopus thing with targets you must shoot before they reach the bottom - there’s about 15 things like this with a counter counting the things you hit.

Then there’s a movement training area that shows most of the jump mechanics, complete mock ups of the common skill jumps on plaza, rig, fathom, eden, stasis, one parkour tower, and one parkour around the outside of the whole map.

Outside there’s vehicles with targets and self driving warthogs where you can practice being a gunner with no friends :joy:.

Get beamed up in the phantom to the top of the map and there’s octagon there too, there’s even a little golf course to unwind in.

Now what’s the point of this post?

Well I’m an idiot and I self made this in my spare time for no money. 343 want to make a few billion from this game and I have to visit a separate loading page between weapon drills (there’s over a hundred weapons and vehicles on my forge map, out ready to use), the movement course is probably 3 jumps long, there’s no training for newbies for objectives, it’s plain luck if on a rocket drill your bots will be stood together or spread out so scores are not a sign of skill, similarly to the reaction bonus not being tied to where the bots are, I had 3 spawn in a line so got 3 reaction bonuses, next time completely different ends of the map - this is not teaching or rewarding skill and there’s many other things not even touched on

I really feel this could all be expanded on and if you don’t, I will… if you crack on with forge.

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