Shadow Wolves Halo Clan Recruiting

Shadow Wolves is a Halo clan, we play in campaign, war games, spartan ops, custom games, and just about every mode in Halo. Rather than waste your time telling you about a clan you may or may not want to join, I will say this.

There is a minimum skill requirement to join the clan, this will be tested in a 1v1 match with a member of the clan.

If you make it into the clan, I’ll tell you all about us should you wish to know.

If you have questions let me know, I will answer them.

Will the clan be competing in tournaments, for example GB matches? Is the clan divided into divisions or specific squads for snipers, marksmen, etc?

The clan is divided into divisions based on weapons and weapon types, and we do tournaments, but nothing related to MLG. However if you wanted to make a GB team with members of the clan, you could do that.


Sure, I’ll send you a message on Live when I get a chance

ELG all day