Shadow Ops needs filmers and actors!!!

Hi,I am ReadyWater,leader of CGW and director of Shadow Ops. The following is a brief summary of the beginning:
The year is 2557. The human covenant war has been over for 4 years. Many Sangheili high ranking officers have joined covenant factions and remnants to try and preserve the once mighty empire. An elite Sangheili General named O’Vlad Juk’An has been oppressing UNSC bases over the past few years. The remnant,named Prophets Fulfilled, is then noticed when the group attacks an ONI plasma research facility. ONI authorizes the creation of a team made up of the best Spartan units known as Shadow Ops.

This machinema is serious and will not be a comedy. We are looking for serious role-playing actors and some of the best filmers possible. If you are interested,please message me here on Waypoint or send me your kik name so you can talk to all present cast members. Thank you and have a blessed day!!!

hey I’m down to be an actor for your series ,i was also trying to make my own .
my gamertag is D34DM4N5 Joker7

but btw it depends what halo it is

Of course. This machinema will take place on Reach for seasons 1 and 2. Then at season 3 we will be on Halo 4,then on season 4 we will be on Halo 5.

Update:We have positions open for Prophecy Fulfilled (which is composed of Elites). If you would like a spot to body or voice act for an Elite,you can now ask for a position. I will provide available positions every two days,so don’t miss out. Thank you!!!

i can be an actor, or assistant director. ive worked on 4 other halo machinimas and 2 minecraft (lol) machinimas. i can fit most any role that needs filled. my kik is TearsOfLA and my GT is Brandis621

i can do elites too. just not field marshal

What is your channel?

Update:We have 6 slots available for random elites and 2 positions for main character elites.
*Warlord and leader of remnant:
O’Vlad Juk’An (Needs Field Marshall and deep elite sounding voice)

*Second in command of remnant:
O’litch Val’An (Needs Zealot class and deep elite sounding voice)

Update: Here is our official positions open for Elites so far:
*O’Vlad Juk’An-
*O’litch Val’An-
*Elite Minor 1-
*Elite Minor 2-
*Elite Minor 3-
*Elite Minor 4-
*Elite Minor 5-
*Elite Minor 6-
*Elite Major 1-
*Elite Major 2-
*Elite General 1-
*Elite General 2-
*Elite Zealot 1-
*Elite Zealot 2-

Update:You may now message me over Xbox Live as well and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you!!!

Can you update what human positions are open, if any

These are all available human positions:
*Willson Maverick-
*Rosa Marie-
*Admiral Tiphus-
*ONI officer 1-
*ONI officer 2-
*Scientist 1-
*Scientist 2-
*Scientist 3-
*Scientist 4-
*Marine 1-
*Marine 2-
*Marine 4-
*Marine 5-
*Marine 6-
*Marine Scout 1-
*Marine Scout 2-

Update:If you are good at finding people who would like to do a machinema or are doing a machinema,please point them in my direction. I would be obliged to speak with machinema makers themselves or people who want to participate in community projects like ours.

Update:If you are or have worked/working on a machinema and are interested in Shadow Ops,please contact me. I would like you and your crew to help us make this machinema become a successful one. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!!!

Update:Here is the order of Halo games we will be using
Season 1-2 Halo Reach
Season 3 Halo 4
Season 4 Halo 5