Shadow Ops Division Recruiting

I need volunteers to join the Shadow Ops Division for Halo 5.
What is the Shadow Ops Division?
-A stealth team of Spartans that can see others in active camo better than in plain sight (trust me, the active camo just (as nicely as I can put it) sucks).
-Can hide better without active camo
-Can kill upon seeing the enemy
-Not afraid to sacrifice full auto/burst fire for semi auto for a DMR or Pistol (preferably the combat evolved pistol, cause they are the best and can kill a hunter with ONE headshot (did it in Combat Evolved on the Xbox One in the Master Chief collection, I have the achievement “You are the weapon”)) at times they are available.
-Knows how to assassinate without any clue as to who they think is going to kill them.
-Can best a bunch of Spartans without being killed.
What am I looking for?
-All of the above (doesn’t mean you do this every time)
Other Requirements:
-Armor that is mostly dark or black/dark grey in color.

If interested, here is what I need :
-Gamer Tag :
-Gender :
-Weapon Preference :
-Multiplayer Game Mode Preference :
-Picture of Spartan with armor and helmet model names :