sgtMa. Avery Johnson: A few facts and Opinions.

Well first off the facts:

I. Being a Sergeant Major, he is the highest possible ranking Enlisted member of the Corps. For those of you who don’t know what being enlisted means, it is joining the military without first attending College. If before you join the Armed Services with at least a Bachelor’s Degree, then you obtain the rank of 2ndLt. (Second Lieutenant).

II. If sgtMa. Johnson were to be his rank in 2017, he could make up $60,631 per year at least, and potentially $94,136 per year.

III. I figure everyone knows this, but some probably don’t. Our dear Johnson is actually a failed (well, 50/50 success) first wave Spartan. It was a secret project by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) called the “Orion Project.” His biological improvements/modifications actually led to him being immune to the flood virus. That’s why in Halo:CE/Halo:CEA he didn’t turn, I don’t know about poor ol’ Jenkins, HaloFollower did a thing on him, I suggest you check out there channel on youtube, 343 and Fans alike.
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IV. During the Insurrectionist problem in 2524, A bomb wearing target killed up to thirty-eight civilians, at least eight (Assuming the squad of Marines was made up of nine members, not including him) marines. This could have been prevented if Johnson fired his Gauss Rifle (M99 Special Application Scoped Rifle) at the target, but hesitated due to the target holding a child hostage and no clear shot.

V. Even sgtMa. Johnson fought bouncers. After the incident in 2524, he came how to find his Aunt dead. He then started drinking a lot and often got into fights with Chigagan Bouncers.

Now for Opinions:

In the Halo franchise, Johnson is a beloved character. Being my favorite, nearest competition being Buck, I was very sad to see him die in Halo 3, and super happy to see him return in Reach, my Favorite Halo Game. However, I do feel that Johnson never got what he deserved. In my personal opinion, he should have gone out in a bigger blaze of glory than just being hit by 343 Guilty Spark’s stupid laser eye. He should have died doing what he loved, and what the ladies liked. I would’ve found it much more satisfying to see him in a Warthog behind Chief and it get knocked off course. This scene taking place within a tim sensitive mission, he would tell Chief to keep going while Johnson took a stand on his overturned Warthog Turret, saying something as amazing as his “Regret Speech” in Halo 2, and then only taking down by several chieftains in a 1v5 scenario, and he’d kill 2-3 because he’s Johnson, i mean c’mon. His character had a chance to be developed so much further in Halo Reach, given him some more tragic backstory, but we only got one mission with him, simply making a short lived cameo and never spoke of him again, same as Buck. If Bungie, and they certainly could’ve added this in, put him on Sword base, and have him work with SIx and Kat, because why not. Buck could be on the mission with ODST’s, but i can’t blame them. They made great games that stood the test of time, and so help me God my kids will play these games. Bungie, thanks for the memories, even if they weren’t so great at times (@Halo2 Legendary Campaign). 343, Four was pretty bad, FIve was better, 2018/2019 better gucci. Until next time ladies and gents.<mark>Mod edit: moved to Universe</mark>

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That being said, I too like Johnson. But I disagree with your point about his death. I actually liked the idea that even the biggest badass can be caught unaware. Realistically, a lot of tough people don’t die in some blaze of glory. And I feel if it had happened during the escape it would really undercut the emotion behind his last words to Chief to never let Cortana go and to send him out with a bang. If it happened during the chase, our primary focus would still probably be on escaping rather than letting the death sink in for a moment.

It is also in line with a lot of Halo characters deaths that are sudden, unexpected, and sombre, rather than epic.

I understand where you are coming from. Bungie certainly could have rewrote his death but at the same time his actual death was quite tragic. It was also surprising. I don’t know about you but I was shocked when Guilty Spark turned on our beloved heroes. I think that is why they wrote it the way they did.