sgt johnson should have a game

Imagine Just playing as Sgt Johnson taking place across the galaxy in uphill fights in crazy full on attrition war. from one trench to the next to full on retreat to survive to fight a loosing battle else where. Till he rendevues with master chief.
That would be an epic game.

That idea is so… AWESOME! forget halo 6. I would love a Sgt Johnson halo game. Mostly because of the crazy funny things he would say in the game.

I know. I should be an idea creator for 343

This would be awesome! Maybe this would make up for Halo 5’s story

If it was done, it would probably be an adaptation of the First Contact with the Covenant at Harvest.

I don’t think Contact Harvest should be made into a game because it was very detailed in its battles to the point of it being redundant for any game to replicate. Johnson’s actions are clearly delineated and don’t need to be adapted.

We best know Johnson as that cocky -Yoink- who’s kicked the Covenant’s -Yoink- for two decades and it’d be fun to see him fight on Paris IV in 2549 or make up some planet he fought on.

However, in what would be a gutsy move, I think the only way to flesh out his character and give some perspective on the man is to feature him as the protagonist in a game set during the Insurrection; I know, a Halo game fighting fellow humans may seem strange.

But we have a lot of info about him then, how he served in black ops and almost succeeded in assassinating Robert Watts, among others. His past as a possible ORION operative may shine new light on a character who, let’s face it, was one dimensional and for comic relief. Though at that point he may not be the fully fledged badass we know and love, I feel like a game that expanded upon Johnson’s own ideas, ethic, what have you, would only make us appreciate his future badassery even more, even right up to Contact Harvest.

Being a marine doing 3 tours in 2009 and para military it should be a rated r game or pg13 harsh language and radio etiquette almost brutal with every mission almost up hill battle. Only to retreat to survive. And surviving is winning so it would be a neat concept.

Rumor has it that a prequel game is coming Labeled Halo: Harvest. If it’s anything like the book Halo: Contact Harvest then Sgt. Johnson will have a revival.
No, sorry, I have no threads because they were taken down shortly after put up on Twitter. Tried looking for someone that might have taken a pic of it for proof bu alas nobody has been found.

I arrived at the conclusion. As I’m sure many others it’s just a great opportunity. I really liked halo 4 And if done right cause 343 kinda lost me at halo 5. Crumb bumb of very short campaign and I mean master chief and cortana were so supossed to have A.i babies and live happily ever after… But noo… play as Locke instead. I just want them too nail these games on the head. And send rounds down range screaming behold the pale horse his name was master chief and hell follows him. It’s allot to ask for but I’d spend money just to see that.