Sexy armor for those with style.

What’s your favourite helmet in any of the Halo games? This forum needs polls…
Mine’s CQB from Halo3 and Reach, can’t get any better.

There needs to be polls for sure.
My all time favorite would be Pilot.
For Halo 3, it would of course be Recon <3 :slight_smile:

For Reach I dig a Up Armored Close Quarters Combat helmet with a uplink module for Military Intel acquisition. For Halo 3 I strike it simple with a Mjolnir VI.

JFO with the HUL-I attachment. Don’t judge me!! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Mjolnir Mark VI without a doubt.

> This forum needs polls…


> Mine’s CQB from Halo3 and Reach, can’t get any better.

Agreed. I love the look of that helmet.

The first one I saw:Mark V. Such an iconic symbol.

Halo 3 E.O.D.

I genuinely love security. No, not because it’s so high rank like everyone else who wears it, but because it’s my favorite since halo 3 because of it’s sleek round shape and ‘bug eyes’. However, if we’re not just talking spartans, it would be the elite ultra helmet. I love the design, it slightly reminds me of a skull.

Mark V all the way…

Been true to EVA since Halo 3, and still probably my top helmet in Reach. Although I do prefer the H3 style over the one in Reach. I think Emile spiked its popularity a bit.

I love to see the Rogue helmet make a comeback in Halo 4 and maybe Hayabusa

My personal favorite is Scout w/CBRN attachment. Though I like all of these: Rogue, Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden 3 in 2012!), Recon (more-so in Reach I don’t know why I but it didn’t appeal to me in Halo 3.), ODST, JFO, Mark V w/ it’s last attachment, Pilot w/ it’s 2nd attachment.

collar: breacher [r], mkv.

Mark VI - Cannot beat.

Default has always been the sexiest, and best.

Mark V - as much of it as I can have in each of the games.

I go between two armor sets. One being an ODST set (ODST helmet, shoulders, HP/Para robot arm chest, and Birthday Party) and the other being HAZOP (helmet with mouthpiece, shoulders, Tactical/Patrol chest, Trauma Kit utility, and Pestilence). Once I save up for Inclement Weather, that’ll be with the ODST set.

I like themes.

As a side note. Does anybody feel like we REALLY need a lot more selection? I feel like I see the SAME armor, over and over and over again. It’s boring.