Severs are broken right now?

I was playing my first ranked game got instantly DCed then went into a new one and everyone is laggy, rubberbanding, and hits don’t register. My teammates said they were also getting the lag and had also been DCed from their games at the same time.

Also somehow was at 1550 CSR then said I went up but put my CSR at 1520 tf.

(Just had a teamate DC mid game)

update: my entire team got dced but not me… Now I am fully unable to conect to the servers anyone else having this issue? Just got DCed from another game even after the server error.


Ranked has been super buggy for me too, aside from the rubber banding and delayed shot registration. The worse thing happening right now is wins not counting toward progression.

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Yeah my wins haven’t counted and some of my games were completely voided.

tryna climb back up after I lost 10 CSR and then another 30 CSR from bugs.

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Yea servers are jacked right now. Halo tracker has the games registering but CSR is not advancing. It’s ridiculous.


Maybe it has something to do with fix the implemented yesterday. Lot of player reported a bug with the final weekly challenge. It didnt track doubles. I see that all topics discussing the issue aren’t anymore active. So i guess the fix was installed yesterday. Maybe the fix had some negative impact on ranked.
Dont know.
Maybe just coincidence


Not sure what’s causing it but it’s very annoying I just hope it gets fixed sometime later today. I am glad they fixed the weekly challenge though,

I’ve been having problems with other XBL games I played too, so could be a Live issue.

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Not sure what the issue is but it sure does get annoying cus it’s still going on 8 hours later (a little less but still prominant)