Severe Bug or I'm Stupid

Now I’m not sure if I’m missing something or what but I played a game yesterday and got 39 kills and today played a game and got 24. Now today when I got my 24 kills I should have got the challenge for getting 23 or more kills in a game but I didn’t.

I checked the after game report and it said I only got something like 15 when I clearly got 24 and it even said in game and online (on records). The game where I got 39 yesterday said I had something like 24 kills in the after game report and online and in the recorded video, it shows I clearly got 39.

I’m having such a difficult time trying to get this 23 kill challenge because I get 23 kills and only half of them count towards it. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this a major bug that no one has spotted yet?

Were you playing BTB Heavies by any chance?

In Heavies, you get double points for things like headshots, vehicle kills, melees, etc.

It counts towards the score but it doesn’t give you an extra kill, so one headshot = two points.

That could be the issue, although from what I remember my score always incremented by one. That does seem very plausible though. Thanks.

Host connections always lie about my end score in BTB, I often get something like 30 kills but end up with 24.

What I have concluded is that the syncing doesnt happen properly within the game, but after the fact.

So that may be the case, easiest way to get that challenge is simply Rumble pit.

> Were you playing BTB Heavies by any chance?

Exact words I was going to use.