Several suggestions for MP progression and QOL over long term

  1. Could Marine level bots as stand-ins for quick play be looked at? I am platinum 3 and they are just target practice and don’t contribute at all - suggest certain skill based match making ratings triggers ODST bots and Spartan bots.

Additionally, a way to rejoin a game we have been disconnected from would be appreciated.

  1. I really like the front loaded XP bonus on daily games for the Battlepass, but would like eventually a medal based system to provide a progression bonus on top of this. I also suggest a small victory bonus of 50-100xp, and possibly a small score ranking premium. (Top of score board gets an x extra 30xp, second gets 20xp and third gets 10xp)

My suggestion is the XP reward bonus be tied to medal tier - for example 5xp for a normal medal, 15xp for a heroic, 25xp for a mythic and 100xp for a legendary - suggest numbers are calibrated such that a well performing player could earn on average an additional 100-150xp per match for solid play between medal bonuses, victory and match ranking.

  1. Career based challenges not tied to season for unlocks - that way you can put in the Kill 10 Scorpions challenge for a sweet scorpion alternate model or skin but players don’t necessarily have to grind for it because it’s not time limited. Given ideally that these would be long term high commitment challenges, there would be no “gating” of other challenges preventing you from earning progression.

  2. Eliminate “Active” vs “Upcoming” challenges or allow us to freely swap an upcoming challenge to active - this allows players to freely swap buried challenges that make sense together, it’s a bit annoying to have 2 BTB only challenges and have 2 more buried at bottom of upcoming list if I don’t feel like playing BTB.

  3. Capstones balancing needs a rework - last week’s 17 wins was excessive, as soon as I saw it I went “Heck with that, I’m not grinding 34+ games in 24 hours for an emblem I’ll never use”. This week’s 15 headshots I earned in one game. Please consider being able to earn capstone challenge progression while working through other challenges.