Several questions i have

Ok so number 1
I have a friend who gets a credit jackpot like every game or every other game. He lags out at least once a day in matchmakeing (which counts as a quit) and he still gets them.
I have gottin 1 jackpot within the last month and i have quit 10 - 12 times sence reach came out. So why i no get my jackpot?

number 2
Was there a secret update or something?

1.melee feels very different
2.armor lock is almost useless
( you cant melee as you go into it, it slows your sensitivity when you come out, the glassing effect has been reduced to where you have to be in armor lock the whole time, it takes some health away, it is not an instant effect as you have to be crouched for it to work, its radius for glassing has been decreased.)
3. was the plasma repeater buffed because more people are useing it and killing with it.
4.the scorpion cant fire when emp’ed

im pretty positive they would keep an update secret

> im pretty positive they would keep an update secret

They could have bungie might have done it as they were going dark.

ANY ONE KNOW HOW I CAN GET MY Cr JACKPOTS! sorry for all caps i am annoyed with my terrible luck. :frowning: