Several issues (lag, dropped games) over last 16hr

So last night playing through single player I experienced a ton of issues. In a 4 player co-op game, I would constantly be falling through the world, lagging through entire levels, the game would freeze for 30 seconds through cut scenes, we’d get black screens for 5+ mins after finishing a level or we’d all die. I’d have to re-start H5 after 2-3 checkpoints because I wouldn’t see any enemies or my game would just lock up. After coming back from a restart, I joined in with my fireteam. got the level loaded, saw my UI, then got an Xbox system update for a 487mb patch. I’m lagging in every arena game and just not having a good time at all. I’ve reset routers, xboxes, danced around outside hoping for better connection and still nothing. We made it through mission 14 last night and I would say I actually was playing the game for about 40 minutes total. If there are any router/modem suggestions anyone has to help with the lag it would be greatly appreciated. Also I do have the xbox preview program (seen people asking about this in other threads)