Seven months in they revamp the entire game?

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That is what I call being extremely desperate. The money’s in the bank.

That website says 8.2 million copies were sold. And yet attm there is about 2,200 people playing online. It said 17.1K this afternoon.

That is remarkable. And while I am sure there are some young fan boys here who will defend this to the bitter end.

All they had to do with increase the bloom and slow the DMR’s rate of fire to even it up with the LR and BR.

oh now, instead they change everything, including the speed of the game.

And they wonder why the active Halo 4 matchmaking community is puny. This update hasn’t changed that. It’s likely more players will quit because they got used to the way it was. It’s to late now. All of these desperate attempts fail, every-time they fail.

The fact is this of the people who bought halo 4. It’s 7 months later and the retention is 0.6%

That’s unreal. You get 8.2+ million people to buy you’re game, luckily and 7 months later you are the great makers of the awesome Halo 4 catering to crickets.

Halo has been on borrowed time since Reach flopped. I love Reach, but it flopped.

More than anything else, you have almost no one left. And 7 months in you want them to re-learn the entire game? Mark my words. People will give the TU 5 days. Next Monday Halo 4 will drop to new record low’s for playlist population.
It had been steady at an incredible low number because daily junkies like myself held on.

I bet at least 20% more quit after this. I put way to much time to have to re-learn the entire game 7 months in. You should of done this from day 1 before it was to late.

Good bye Halo, I do thank you for the 12 years. I am sorry it ended like this, but you just don’t do it for me like that anymore. I feel like you have changed after being one way for so long, a way that I loved. I don’t even like this version of you anymore.

I’m a bit confused.
You say that you are leaving because the game has changed and you don’t like that change, but if anything you should have more reason to stick around with this weapon tuning.
The weapon tuning has brought back the old ways it has restored halo to what it once was (or at least it’s a damn good start)

I played some games right after the update an I didn’t have to relearn the game if anything I excelled even more
The game felt smoother less random and more skill based just like H2/H3

The tuning update if anything should be attracting the older players back and keeping players like you around
The weapon balancing makes me want to play H4 again

I am loving this update and can’t for the life of me understand why semi-skilled to skilled players are hating on it

I understand why lesser skilled players might be disliking it but it was about time the training wheels got taken off H4
I’m glad 343i is taking steps to right the ship here