Settling the Controller vs KBM debate with data

That is because the Xbox doesn’t know you are using KBM if you are using a Xim to play KBM. You get the benefits of Controller AA and red reticle while also getting the mobility of a mouse. I bet an Xbox KBM Xim player slays.


You also tried to prove controller is easier by showing someone in gold doing well one match and then a D1 player doing well in controller only.

Youd dont actually provide hard evidence in fact none of what you show helps prove anything, the videos you had as proof didn’t even show teams, everyone’s ranking etc.

Crossplay and cross inputs should just be made optional.


Someone is upset that their advantage got exposed… I’m just presenting the data. I didn’t say to change anything or complain about the advantage. I get it, controller players will never be as good as KBM players in FPS games. I’m not advocating for changing it but I’m also not opposed to making adjustments that bring those numbers closer to balanced so everyone has an even playing field.


One. WTH are you talking about? Was this meant for another post? There is no video here or mention of a gold or D1 player.

Two. It is optional. Play S/D controller or S/D KBM for non crossplay ranked. Those “optional” modes are where this data comes from.

No idea what you’re on about but, carry on…


I considered adding all that but the post was already super long and I didn’t want to add more complexity to the post. Also, I don’t really care if people want to make excuses to ignore the data and live in their blame bubble to protect their ego.

You really spent a lot of time on this. Idk if the 2 could ever really be balanced tbh. The gap can be tightened perhaps. I’d rather mnk get some mechanics to increase the fairness of accuracy than see things like strafe speed change honestly. I’m definitely not against going back to the aim assist level during the tech flight. Like honestly…these posts should have existed back then. Instead there were tons of threads basically saying

"Why Is there no aim assist in this game "

Like the complete opposite happened with a few of us saying no, it’s good where it is. The result is what we have today though. That’s why aim assist is stronger. The average to below average players still feels it isn’t easy to aim with a controller though, so it’s hard to figure out what to do. That’s why I’d say increase the fairness by changing how mnk works to where it feels good and doesn’t cause any issues, and you feel that you’re as close to a even playing field as you could be.

You are looking at the comparison wrong. With bball dunkers, all players get the same equipment on the same court. A similar comparison would be taking those top players, splitting them in two groups and giving one group a trampoline and the other without and comparing the results.

We also cant use lower players because the skill can vary wildly in a single rank. Using the top 20 of each allows us to eliminate skill because we know these are the best of the best on their input. The best of KBM does not perform as well as the best of Controller.

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Yeah, I don’t know how to fix it either. I’m just sick of the post from both sides complaining and I’m a data analytics nerd so I got bored and ran the numbers.

PC Gamers : *gain access to a FPS title built for consoles
PC Gamers : *proceed to whine about how a controller FPS game is not made for PC games


Would you be against gaining the attributes on mnk to even the playing field ? What’s the ideal scenario from your perspective? Like…in all honesty…we could have very well ended up with a console only halo again. Would that have been better? Things are definitely not perfect on crossplay. It’s good that it exists, but the discrepancy between inputs is just…I mean take it at face value there’s no way around it. Controller players have never gotten into competitive to ever say they’re better with their input than the other tbh. On the contrary, we see many mnk players discredit any even reputable professional player as being a talentless noob. It’s just not the way to have a healthy discussion man. Do we at all even know if 343 intended to do something about input performance issues?

We get it though. The frustration is real, and not having a 4v4 Playlist that allows input filtering was just a disaster decision imo. There exists friends who use both inputs. Of course we don’t want to ruin them playing together but…the elephant in the rooms been stomping the circus floor for too long to not be addressed

In all the years I’ve played Halo, not even the most sweaty players have been as hard to beat as a decent MKB user. Imagine thinking the guy that can do a lightspeed 180 and skewer your face is at a disadvantage.


Who the frick has 75.6% accuracy on KBM, that is unreal!

I just presented the data bud. No whining, just facts. The purpose of the data is to stop the whining. Now we know Controller players have no grounds to claim KBM has an advantage since Controller players do have the advantage backed by player data.

I definitely understand that this has historically been a console-only game but if you are going to make Crossplay, you need to balance it for players in each input type or don’t do it at all.

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That is typical.

FPS shooters reward intense accuracy.
Rainbow Six
and a few others that make it so a headshot, no matter what, is an insta-kill.

Halo comes out and PC players are likely to be magnetized to S.W.A.T. mode.

Crossplay is balanced by a simple option to toggle it on or off. Sadly 343 hasn’t done this yet.

LOL… controller players sucking each other on here… not a single KBM pro or player over 1800 elo on the crossplay queue and you dare to say KBM has an advantage. Delusional to say the least… or you just suck at Halo.

Scared of a bit of extra bullet magnetism so that KBM has a fighting chance are we?

Can’t you see 90% of the PC community already left? This game deserves to die… bottom of the charts everywhere (including streaming services) except the Xbox store. When the KBM streamers (summ1t, myth, shroud, xqc) were playing it was top of the charts… all complained about inballance, all left… you guys got what you deserve… a decent controller exclusive instead of a AAA game.

This game will never compete with games that respect all inputs (apex, fortnite, cod, etc). Just market it as controller exclusive and let it die slowly.


*presents factual statistics proving controller has an advantage.

Players - makes the excuse that halo has always been a console game. Criticizing the execution of the data. Making the excuse that majority of players play console so “who cares”. And then your average butthurt whining from noobs who have never touched a mouse.



Your conjecture means nothing against data. You are presenting an opinion of advantages. I am presenting player data. In all metrics, Controller outperforms KBM. KBM having a better 180 rotation does not result in higher accuracy, KD, or rank placement over Controller players. The data shows the opposite.


I was thinking that!

Surely blind or cover fire would make that impossible…either that or the guy never loses 1 v 1s