Settings getting randomly reset to default

Every other time I start Halo Wars 2 on my Xbox One S, the settings get reset back to factory defaults.
It’s not always, but often that this happens.
I have the collector’s edition and then bought the AtN campaign.
All of the settings get reset: gameplay, video, sound, etc.
The Phoenix Logs also get reset and appear as unread. Tutorials are reset.
Even the Theater has some videos omitted, even though I’ve completed all campaigns.
Seriously, the level of polish on this game is abysmal. It’s been years since the launch and always I’ve had this problem.

Also, why does the game need to restart every time an update occurs?
The game is closed, the update happens normally and when I start the game back up again it detects the new update and restarts.
Why didn’t you just do that the first time you started? Why the second start?
I want my money back.

Ok, I am angry. This is stupid bug which appears after updates. This happened to me two times and now for the third time again. All saves disappeared, some logs missing, and two cinematics are locked. This was addressed in the past ,but happens again. Please developers fix it. This is non sense that campaign progression can be bugged by balance updates.

Nobody else?
It happens to me regularly.

Happens to me too.

Also it resets my settings to their defaults. Locked out of two cinematics (the last two of the main campaign)