Setting up a Custom Game on your forge maps

IN Halo 4 they should have tutorials on how to set up game types like infection or territories because i cant find ONE good tutorial on youtube

What do you need help with?

Good Idea BTW…

For reach, they have all you need to know on Here is a link to the page.

Most Gametypes self-explanatory however games like Invasion a guide would be very helpful and make forge a much more pleasant experience. This could also be done by simply simplifying Game_Type Labels.

> IN Halo 4 they should have tutorials on how to set up game types like infection or territories because i cant find ONE good tutorial on youtube

There are two really great resources that provide a lot of information. The awesome guide, and forging reach. But I myself agree 1000% with you, it would be very very cool if the publishers (343i in this case) would provide the same level of detail so that we have it straight from the authors. the problem with what JonnyOThan provided was that it was very sketchy and left a lot of people thinking they knew more - and so the myths began to circulate…

I have always advocated for OFFICIAL INFORMATION ONLY, but it just wasn’t on their schedule at bungie.

And while I am not advocating that every tutorial must come with a video to demonstrate how to setup, you should realize that bungie provides many sample maps that you can examine and copy how they did it. This is not the best solution, but it is very good. What would be best is if they had some SAMPLE ONLY maps that showed many different setups that are not in the MM list, such as territories, bomb, core scenarios for invasion. I think they looked at how people were adapting well and decided it wasn’t needed. And I agree, it wasn’t needed. People figured it out amongst themselves.

What would be nice if 343i gave us included:

  1. In depth discussion of how to use the forging objects, especially spawning.
  2. Comprehensive discussion on every game setup, including “gotchas” and “watch out for…”.
  3. Sample maps that go beyond their expected game play experience.
  4. A way for community to provide sample maps that demonstrate innovative setups.
  5. Video tutorials of the more complicated setups with narratives that discuss things to look out for.
  6. List of known bugs, their cause, their status (if and when they should be fixed), and work-arounds.
  7. A forum for forgers to describe what they believe are bugs and a place to get feedback / confirmation on their find.

If done correctly, 343i could get the community involved for manpower. For example, if there was a group dedicated to fielding bug reports, some community members could join with the intent of validating and confirming the bug report, or explaining to the forger what they are doing wrong (it isn’t a bug, they just used the object incorrectly).

I have done this myself. I have forged other peoples’ maps and found what they did wrong. In two cases, Stevo at FH gave me enough information to be able to confirm two bugs in the engine, and I reported them up to JonnyOThan who confirmed that they are not by design, but are bugs. I wouldn’t mind being part of such am OFFICIAL bug reporting community if 343i put one together. And I suspect there are many others that would help out as well in many of the categories I listed.

Now that I have posted all this, I realize I strayed a bit from your original post, but I hope my post is appreciated for what it is suggesting of 343i… :slight_smile: