Set trends again, Halo. I dare you. Make the storefront "player first."

Remember when you first teased the non-expiring battle passes? People in the Destiny and Battlefield communities (among others) were asking “why can’t we have that?” (Before we learned just how restrictive Infinite’s pass system initially was).

Lead by shining example as Microsoft’s flagship franchise. Please, stop following blatantly slimy and underhanded store practices while championing a “player first” mentality. It’s not a good look.

I want to stop seeing high-priced macrotransactions and manipulative FOMO store tactics justified with “well, other big F2P games do it. So it’s fine.” I want to see “Halo does it better.”

a F2P Halo game should’ve happen years ago. They are already far behind its competitors by now.

Also, Halo is no longer “Microsoft’s Flagship Franchise” it is now like #2 or #3 at best. CoD is MS’s bae now.

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Free to play was a mistake

the only game I’ve ever played that has a player first store is R6S