Set player colors for custom games

So i was thinking and realized game types like Duck Hunt wont really be the same without all the yellow humans scuttling around. has there been any word on if we will be able to force colors in customs like in the old games?

Also has there been any word on custom games options at all? i know in some ask343’s they talked about stuff like letting people have multiple equipment and what not but thats all i have heard of.

I would assume infinite has every staple custom game setting.

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> I would assume infinite has every staple custom game setting.

I dont personally like to assume but also they have gotten rid of team colors in matchmaking and without them stating other wise I worry they have gotten rid of them for customs aswell.

You fear is warranted but probably more because this game is launching half-baked

good question, I’m sure they have added staple game modes like, not assault, and not duck hunt, and not multi-teams, probably not race and not fiesta too.

i would imagine, some significant time after launch, probably shortly after forge maps start coming out, we’ll get force team armor coatings for game settings, its doubtful such a change would go into official matchmaking but i could see it in with custom game settings and game browser settings.

at least currently, the HUD settings don’t support more than enemy, ally and party member outlines, I’m sure you could do multi-team and such with just those colors, and it would look like multi-team with free for all colors.

it’ll be interesting to see how they figure it out, i would assume force team coatings would be the easiest way, but they may just add team outlines and that would… probably be not great. something like, player is always blue team, but then an enemy team is green or purple, or something close to party or team member colors.

certainly a few things they could do, i can’t see any of them being in for launch though, but probably around 4 years in, when they finally add the game browser.

It’s probably still possible because the same effect applies to infection which has a very very high chance to return as a game mode.
Good post though seeing I’m also very curious about all the custom game mode settings we will be able to use.

If they head down the same path of having sets of player traits like in Halo 5…

It would be great if we could attach teams, colours, and starting weapons to these traits.

And even better if we can apply the traits in the pre-game lobby. Or at least labels that can be acted on by scripts.

That would really open up the possible game types.

This will probably be added and the reason forge is not coming out is because it is hopefully gonna be the best forge yet.

I hope there’s a setting for forced colors in custom games. But, even if there isn’t, I wont be too bothered by it, just wont be the same.

It should be in customs for sure. Don’t see why it wouldn’t be there.