Service Tag keeps getting removed from Scoreboard

I have opened a ticket for this - but I’d like to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

If I start my Halo Infinite game on my Series X (not quick resume) I will see my Service Tag displayed on my Nameplate in the main menu.

However once I go into a game, the Service Tag is missing from my Nameplate and also the Scoreboard.

If I go to Spartan ID and re-enter the Service Tag, it will display correctly the next time I load into a game. However this has to be done every time the game is started up.

The Service Tag is not missing from the Spartan ID page, but once it’s re-entered it will then display correctly in-game on the Scoreboard until I quit the app and start it again later.

I have this same issue. If I go and re-type it, it appears. But I have to do this every time I launch the game.

Exactly same.

I opened a support ticket but have yet to hear a response.

A few of my friends are affected too, but not all. But it is consistent.