Service Record


Late to the party I guess but I’ve just got Halo Reach this xmas…

I wanted to know do Noble Actual and Lone Wolf count towards missons completed in the Service Record as I have completed it all on Heroic but only got 9 missions completed ? I got the achievement ok.

I’ve started it on Legendary and have 2 missions completed (winter contingency and sword base) but in Nightfall I used the forklift through the gate glitch to complete it - will that not count to missions completed ?


Not sure. I just played through it normally on Solo Legendary to get it. The only thing I did to make it a little easier was the little trick at the end in the ARC Cannon segment. But even then, I didn’t glitch or anything.

Doing the forklift glitch will count lol. And you have to do all the missions including lone world and noble actual

Yea, you have to actually complete the “Intro Level” of the game…well as finish the Lone Wolf level to completion…which is basically get to the point where it plays the cut-scene of you dying. You have to have these done as well as complete all the missions on that difficulty for it to be counted as completed 100% on that difficulty. So basically one mission is just a long intro cut-scene and the other is just go until you die.

It should in game, but the service record on waypoint no longer updates with new matches or completions.

Hmm…wonder why that is.

Thanks everyone for replies.

I must have done something wrong somehow with the intro and outro. I got the achievement thing on Heroic for missions 2-10, 9 in all, which now matches my service record for missions completed.

I’ll give the Noble Actual and Lone Wolf another go and see if it updates with those.

Thanks again.

I have 2 differents armor customization
ONE in my xbox (SCOUT) currently
TWO in my waypoint’ service record (default) waaaay long time ago
someone have this issue also?