Service Record page endlessly loads.

I’ve been trying to review my Halo 4 stats on Waypoint, but when I click on “Halo 4 Stats,” it takes me to a page that says “Retrieving your Halo 4 Service Record” and stays on this page without ever loading anything. Is there anyway I can fix this? My browser is Safari, BTW.

It does pretty much the same with me. I use Chrome and it keeps making the Shockwave Flash plug-in crash.

Halo 4 Stats does not make any use of Flash. If Flash is crashing your browser - you should try disabling it and seeing if the crashes stop.

If the Halo 4 Stats app is not loading in Chrome, or if it’s reporting repeated errors (not service errors) - try disabling add-ins and plug-ins. We are finding that a number of crashes are caused by Chrome add-ins that actually alter the app’s code while it is running. Ad blockers, for example, will do this.

Halo Waypoint Team

Well, I tried to uninstall/reinstall Chrome and now it apparently works fine. Thanks to the Waypoint team for the help !

This is all great help for Chrome users, but what about Safari? Please help! I’ve been on a N00B-pwnage bender in MM lately and for once in all my years of playing these freaking games would like to enjoy reading my stats.

And just so I don’t sound like a whiney forum complainer, let me just say that Halo 4 is incredible. Thank you, 343, for putting out a game that not only lives up to, but exceeds the standard set by previous Halo titles both in terms of story and playability. I love Spartan Ops, too.

There. Now, please fix the stats page!

Haha, thanks Tyrany of -Yoink!-. We definitely want to get this working for you.

Are you receiving any kind of error message at all? Is this Safari OS X, Windows, or iOS? What Safari version and OS Version?

Halo Waypoint Team

Thanks jh.

It’s Safari OS X v. 5.0.5. There’s no error message, just the service record loading page, which never finishes loading.

still constantly getting a different error code. And I do not use chrome. Several of the addons I use for FF I need, and I should not have to disable them just to view my stats. You know how inconvenient it is to have to do this just to view stats?

How hard is it for you guys to fix your problems so the stats page loads normally? Why is this such a problem for you guys to get right?