Service record of Halo Infinite

Service record on Halo website, how I remember, was the feature, where we could check our game and matchmade stats. Service record of Halo Infinite is showing us BattlePass progress, challenges progress, armory. I ask: where is THE detailed player’s service record of Halo Infinite? Did I miss something?


Its on halo tracker. You can download the tracker network app on your phone and attach your account. Every single stat is there, and it updates your sessions with a notification. Pretty neat app. Much better than having it all here imo.

Sure. TRN is great app indeed. But I miss campaign stats, medals stats, custom game stats, file sharing, heat maps. I loved stats in past Halo games. The point is that in actual Service record there are useless informations. We have them in game. I would gladly have detailed stats in Service record on HaloWaypoint (web and app). Not GP and challenges overview.

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Yea I’m not entirely sure why it’s not included. Like my first thought was that perhaps it’s a way to avoid users here stat checking everyone on forums as a means to validate/invalidate their arguments or shame them or something. You know how that goes sometimes. Then I thought…well…maybe they will update it here at some point.

In the mean time, the tracker network for halo infinite was updated each week, more details, more stats, like really detailed man but only for the multiplayer. It’s crazy the difference it is now vs before. So much has gone into that and nothing into the service record end here.

Yeah. I remember when sometimes ppl on forum dishonoured others according their stats. But they were futile minority. Anyway, shaming.

Well, I hope 343 will add these stats here anyway. TRN will definitely remain the main source of service record for me.

Best wishes in 2022, mate!

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Honestly if they could just let us track it, it’ll be much better than just hiding it entirely.
At least let us set it to private and allow us to track our performance in private.

Also medals… I wanna show off my Wheelmans.

Sure. See other player’s record is just benefit for me. My personal stats are the key.

I really hope this is something which receives further attention and development in due course


YES, i made a post on this as well a few weeks back , service record feels more like a store front then a place to get info on your rank and stuff like K/D

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I have a problem not seeing a service record for the 2 most recent games Halo Infinite and Halo Wars 2 I would like to see details showing I beat the game on said difficulty at the very least… An maybe my max play time an highest pvp rank.

Yesterday we released our new Halo Infinite Service Record which allows you to track your career stats, slayer proficiency and all awarded medals. We also recreated a XP based rank progression system inspired by Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Feedback welcome! :slight_smile:


Its a great site, thank you for creating it, good job :+1:…I have a suggestion to maybe increase the brightness level of the achieved medal description and more importantly the brightness level of the unachieved medal descriptions. They are very hard to read, for us old folk at least :rofl:

But good work

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Ok we are about to hit the 6-month mark since release and Infinite hands down wins the trophy for lamest service record compared to any other Halo. Has there been any talk of making it not suck? I want to see my medals and accuracy stats for multiplayer. I know it is too late now but maybe we should have delayed this game for another year.


Hi. Nice website but I have to ask you what is the source of your stats? In my case it is pretty inacurate. For example I don’t have played only 101 games plus there are missing plenty of medals of mine.

Returned stats are for S2 only, didn’t have the chance to include all seasons as I’m also working on the Halo API - Feel free to check / if you’re looking for a global summary :wink:

Fixed :slight_smile: A global summary is now returned!