Service Badge Idea

After earning the LASO Master achievement, it was nice to have it appear on our profile pages back on the old website. It also appeared on the old Service Record pages when viewing someones campaign progress. The legendary symbol would display skulls below it to signify if someone had completed LASO for a given campaign.

I know achievements are not a feature present anymore (maybe in the future?) but maybe we could get a Service Badge for this one. I feel as if the time and effort warrants that at least.

What do you guys think?

There are a lot of challenging achievements that should give people a Waypoint badge once unlocked, I think it’s a really cool idea (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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This is a real cool idea, I’m working on the rest of the LASOs but have done it in Reach, CE and H3 ODST

I don’t know if their should be one for each but it would be cool to first have different graphics created for all these badges.