is anyone playing and lost connection to servers

This could be Me Only.
Check your NAT type, I had the Same problem with it when it was on Strict and could not find a Game, Kept saying Failed to Connect With dedicated server. Once it was NAt was open i was able to jump back in. (Again This might have only have beem me)

Or Servers are having a moment.

It seems to be the case from what I’ve just read on French forums.

its me too i think the servers are down

I came here to see if anyone was having trouble. I have been playing the campaign and just thought I’d pop over to multiplayer… Neither me or my friend can access the online features at all.

problem still happening

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> is anyone playing and lost connection to servers

yes, the servers are -Yoink-

It’s really annoying. After the mcc publicity regarding servers, I would expect the halo 5 servers to be solid.

Try a hard reset if you are having problems. It’s helped me everytime.

I’ll give it a shot, cheers.

My friends and I have had great luck with the servers so far.

Myself and all my friends can access the online servers again. Awesome!

still not working