Servers worse after update

After the last community update, Bravo mentioned something about making games easier to find for all rank levels as well as easier for international players. So in other words they are allowing more international players into NA servers. This might explain why my friends and I have noticed that we are running into way more laggy players that seem to teleport everywhere.

Anyone else noticing the same?

After the last modifications it seens the South American servers were closed. I just posted a threat about it. The game is almost unplayable.

Perhaps they moved all the SA players to the NA servers. That would explain the increase in the number of nightcrawlers (teleporting laggy players) that I’ve come across.

They’ve opened it up to more players across the global (asia, russia, south america, etc.) therefore it is laggy to everyone else.

Ya that’s too bad. You should have the option to have longer wait times to match people in your region, like Halo 3 did.

Yep, it’s already gotten me killed. Was going in on a guy with a smg and right before he would’ve died he walked into a wall, teleported, and then I got double teamed by him and his teammate that showed up.