Servers, rankings and campaign

Your servers may be the worst dedicated servers ive seen, so what someones gotta have the worst, but seriously??? punishing people for the badness of your servers? everyone drops from ur stupid servers and they lose more rank than losing a game and get banned… FAR OUT! u gotta seriously do something about this, you just turned the worst into the most stuffed up system ive seen or heard of… really stop trying to kill halo, if your not you need to do something! I mean when I say ur killing halo, the search system, people are quitting halo to play other games due to this… I mean add a mixed region server… connect all servers with the ones you have to even it out as much as you can, I cant play breakout and FFA. breakout being my most loved playlist and FFA I cant even rank in even if I search for a game for 50 hours a month DUMB! a choice in being only in your region or mixed is brilliant as the people that complained about lag can stick to what they got, but others can try mixed… own server being search priority ofcouse. also the damn campaign… making master chief being seen as a betrayer? people that play halo are long time lovers of the game… its more than losing a favourate show main character with a game, you gotta learn this as game makers. we learn him yes, same as a movie/season but we also control him become part of him, don’t kill him off, he MAKES Halo! I mean if people are quitting cuz they cant find games, are you assuming no one else will leave? that’s it? or that I would quit if master chief dies off that I’d be the only one that would quit, I mean this is the greatest game in my life and your destroying it. by hearing my words I hope you can understand where your taking the game and what could possably help

+1 Bring back the halo 2 multiplayer option where you could just quick search or search by region. Sure if you’re in countries like the US or Europe it wouldn’t be a concern to you due to the vast population of halo players But in Australia/NZ ect ect some playlists are already unplayable due to not enough numbers to find a game no matter how long you search for.

Also you if you could add a population counter for each playlist like previous halos so players know weather its worth waiting 10-15 mins for a game is even worth it or not would be great and easily implemented in an update. Cause as it stands we wouldn’t know if we are the only ones searching or not in a playlists.