Servers need to be improved

For the last few days multiplayer for halo infinite is unplayable for me. No games load or if they do load in they’re lagging with high pings.
At first I thought it was a problem on my end but after “sever” testing there shouldn’t be any problem.

WiFi, Xbox, signal and ping are all fine but no game will load and I keep getting disconnected from these “dedicated servers”

I was on here asking people and I know the halo community is always here to help. I was chatting back and forth trying out different settings and anything I could try but over the last few days with no luck.

I’m from Ireland and I even had someone who is also from Ireland on here saying that they were fine but they did have problems now and again?

So after doing everything possible I found out this website that tracks the servers for halo infinite. Downtracker.
Even now as I write this the last number of reports for the servers is clocking in at 48.

So with everyone’s help, theory’s or general know how, I’ve come to the conclusion that the servers just can’t contain so many people at once! When the servers reach max capacity it proves difficulty to join the server.

This is good in a way that Halo is popular and doing well but not for me since I can’t get a single game to load in. So with this website I’ve checked in now and again and the best time for me to play is when America is asleep. On downtracker around morning to mid-day it has the lowest reports on the servers and I can actually play a few games, even though they’re still not the best connections. After being on here and reading what other people are saying about infinite my theory is that not all the servers are working properly.

Feels like to me that I’m always getting put into USA servers and I don’t know why. I should be on the EU servers but with strict SBMM and no options to filter out any servers not in my region this is how infinite will be for me and many others. We only get a small window to play the MP at certain hours until the servers reach max capacity.

Hopefully 343 will fix this sometime in the new year but I’m not holding my breath because with Halo being an American made game, USA comes 1st then the rest of the world will just have to wait.

I feel the same. For the last couple days, I only connect to games where my ping is 60-120 and it’s barely playable.

Prior to that, last week, I was actually consistently getting good servers around 20 ping. I played like 20 games today and only had 20 ping in like 2 games.

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desync is a real issue, one second I’m driving towards a cliff edge to get around the base, the next i’m over the cliff edge, Hit registry seems to be a real problem I swear guys are dead and they keep moving or they die 5 seconds after causing me to waste ammo or grenades…

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I think that the game is still being tweaked because even though its good there is a lot work that needs to be fixed and improved.
I heard even during the halo esports event they even had problems at the start. Servers need to be worked and made better and it’s not that I’m giving out, it’s just that I think not many people are giving back necessary feedback on this matter with the servers!
I honestly think that most of the servers are down and are not working and this is why I’m being put into servers like the USA.

Ping aside, the netcode and server tick rate are awful in this game. 30 tps? That’s horrendous for a game like this, and never before have a I so often been killed around corners and through walls, or gotten kills on people I didn’t even hit (which is incredibly annoying cause it ruins the magic of the game).


Never before have i turned a warthog only to lagaport off a cliff.

Funny you mention magic because the crap i see happening looks like magic.

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Wonder if 343 ever plans on acknowledging this issue. They obviously know their net code senior dev is trash as they are actively looking for a replacement. Just some public acknowledgment that they know this is an issue, and a fix is in the road map would be nice than silence.

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