Servers need some serious work.

Almost every game that I play in matchmaking lags incredibly bad. I would get probably one good game with no disturbance, but almost every other one is just awful. I’ve lagged out of a few games and was repeatedly killed because I was lagging too much and couldn’t play. This gets real aggravating especially when I’m simply just trying to play the game.

I am 99% sure that you’ve already tried this, but… Why don’t you use an ethernet cable? Also try picking up the “Focused” option, since it matches you with people with a similar Network Connection. Also, where do you live?

Hard reset the Xbox and as pointed out a wired connection is practically a must with Xbox one IMO.

check your details in network and see what your download speeds are

It’s either the game or it is the Xbox whichever one it is its nuts, I am in Vancouver BC, ping is 26ms, speed is 120/35, but the lag I am experiencing makes the game anywhere from just down right no fun or completely impossible to play. Every so often I will get a couple of not bad games, but that’s an exception, most of the time I’m just an easy target, this is not the Halo multi-player experience I dealt with in any of the earlier halo titles.


Hmmm I haven’t used an Ethernet cable in so long though that it didn’t seem a necessity. I mean it shouldn’t be. Maybe if they didn’t have halo 5 and MCC running off of cloud servers, it’d probably help a whole lot.

what’s going on with server paying money for what alot of bs