Servers empty?

Hello there fellow Spartans!
I have been in a break from halo 4 since few months ago…and when i returned i founds servers very empty. They are split on Us and Eu server or something? Usually at night theres more people but still during the day i need to wait few mins before a match can start. Is this game empty or…i dont know…or theres server issues?


No, unfortunately, the population really is that low.

No change in how the servers allocate games, just fewer players in matchmaking. If you want, you can check the current population here:


and discuss it here:

Daily Halo 4 Population Thread

  1. Halo runs off of a P2P networking model. There are (as far as I know) no servers except for those that host the matchmaking playlists, player content, and aggregate stats.

  2. The playlist population issues are real, but nothing to do with any changes of late so you haven’t missed anything. Basically, people don’t seem to be as compelled to spend their lives in matchmaking a year on after release probably because there isn’t enough new content, formats, and mechanics in Halo 4 to justify it after having played all that came before (ie. Halo 2, 3, and Reach.)

It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a normal game (you don’t often find hordes in shooters except for the one or two most popular) but because this is new for some of the more popularity-minded among us it might seem like “OH -Yoink- THE WORLD IS OVER!” But it isn’t, the franchise has just matured into something we all don’t need to play every day ad infinitum.

Halo 4 may as well be considered a new franchise, since Infinity settings are so different from the gameplay established in the first 3-4 games. Many of the fans of the gameplay from the first four games liked the “old” way more, and the “new” style isn’t very good at retaining players, as the ever-declining population has shown.

All we can do is hope 343i does better with Halo 5.