Servers Dropping Matches

Disgusted! I was in hopes that the New Halo Wars game would work smoothly and I could then recommend this game to my followers on youtube since I have a significant amount of subscribers there. BUT this has NOT been the case so far! I love Halo Wars but HW 2 has major problems! The worst problem is that the Halo Wars servers keep dropping matches over and over! And the problem is not my ISP and or any other technical issues involving my network. Because of this issue it is impossible to get a decent rank involving the 10 placement matches! I cannot understand why the management of this game cannot either correct this problem or figure out a way where the gamer does not get penalized with a loss after the matches are dropped by the HW’s servers. These problems did not occur during the hundreds of Halo Wars 1 matches that I played over many years in the past! What is occurring makes NO SENSE at all! My purpose of posting this message is so that hopefully these problems will be corrected. I am not giving up on the Halo Wars 2 game just yet.