Server's Down?

So my game is telling me that the halo 4 Servers are down, which they aren’t obviously my roommate is right here next to me and is able to play the game. When I go to infinity playlist 3 of the options are unavailable to pick from, as well as me not being able to play Spartan Ops. It also says my SR is 1 which is 15 almost 16. I can’t join any game. It also stats that due to the servers being down that matchmaking is set to a default. There is no default for that I can’t play. My roommate at this moment is playing dominion. So how is it that only my game is unavailable?

Same here bro, it just appears that some people got affected, this will all be over soon, hopefully.

i got the same thing going on man…no idea…2 of my friends have no trouble but i cant do anything…stinks! i was almost a SR22 and was in the middle of doing great…now…i…wait…

343 should expect that massive of people will play halo 4 at once and they should have better servers
i blame 343

Well at least it isn’t just me, but still the fact that I can’t play anything but campaign at the moment is a little upsetting. While other players are enjoying the game.

This sucks! I want to play SO! Damn 343

i dont understand like this is the first time i bought a limited edition of anygame and i get this bs like im playing a beta or somthing

well lets try to stay positive and talk about the game while waiting to play the game haha…whats yalls favorite primary and armor ability?

mine is: dmr and hologram

You guys are reacting like this is the first game to ever suffer issues on launch day haha

BR and Hardlight Shield. Secondary is Assault Rifle because of a perk I’ve got allows two primary weapons. BTW I’m Lvl 30.

Also having the same server problems. I got my game early and had no problems, everyone else starts playing and it all goes to -Yoink-!

Apparently no swears allowed. It all goes to poop.

Go to the Xbox dashboard then go back into Halo 4, that worked for me a while ago.

Unless they are actually down now.

Dashboarded 3 times already. That’s why I’m on here.

Oh? Some people clearly didn’t play first Reach beta day or even Reach launch day. It was really hard to even get a game going with all the “server can’t respond” and “server offline” message.

Same issue as you guys above but i can join a game, i just dont have any of my loadouts or anything… Im stuck at the default lvl 1. Sucks!

343??? YYYY???

> Dashboarded 3 times already. That’s why I’m on here.

Then they must actually be down this time. :frowning:

Back online! See you guys later, hope to see you online and open a can of whoopass on you all!

I’m experiencing the same issue, but I’m glad it’s mildly contained and should be fixed soon. I also hope I don’t stay at rank 1 when I was a 15 before. But my favorite Primary is BR and AA is Promethean Vision. I also tend to pick up an AR as my secondary