servers down?

I looked around haven’t seen any one mention having issues. Or I suck at finding them.
I was having the best war zone match ever!!! Last I looked I was 31 and 2. Pulled out a manthis… and boom lost connection to host. That was about a hour ago. Still can not connect to anything. Even req store.
Is there an update or outage that I am not smart enough to find or read about?

Still can’t play. Keeps saying can’t connect to severs. Try again later…

I’m having the same problem, but when I do connect to a game I lag really bad.

im having that problem right now :confused:

Same issue here. I tried to get on last night (01/11/2016) about 5pm (Eastern). Tried again periodically until 11pm and nothing. It says the serve is down and I can’t get into Arena or Warzone or the REQ store. I can play the Campaign and that’s it.

Here in Brazil before the last update we do not had any problems to connect and talking were at most time with american people . Since last update (with addiction of Noctus Map) we are having same problems report above and talking only with brazilians guys, there is no other countries people since that…


January 12, 2016


Arena – Warzone – Custom Game – Forge - Theater


Attempting to reach the Halo 5 Guardians Lobby Service

(spinning and spinning and spinning)

There was an issue with the Halo 5 Guardians Servers
Please try again


I’m hitting this since Sunday night. Couldn’t get on Monday and can’t get on now.

What the heck???

Same issue here

I haven’t been able to play yesterday or today

servers down again ? i can’t play now too

Ok same here

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> I looked around haven’t seen any one mention having issues. Or I suck at finding them.

Xbox support says the usual useless “we have a problem and we’re working on it” issued an hour or so ago.
Matchmaking appears to be down across most of the globe. :angry: