Servers down...Still no explaination!

Its day 4 of being on these bogus servers and i still cant play a normal game. Why wont anyone from 343i say whats going on this is BS. Im extremely frustrated that i cant even get an announcement about whats going on or when normal servers will be up. U guys need to hire me as a Public Relations employee. Im confident i can write a 5min announcement to players about whats happening, seeing as though we pay so much money for your game. Once again if anyone has any info on how long this will take or have any info at all please write me on here or message my gamer tag <em>coco44</em>. THANKS, FROM A LOYAL FAN!!

Here’s the thing.

This is your fault.

I’ve only been in fallback hoppers for <4 hours. In the entire game life.

haha, ok if its my fault what did i do? Did u get thrown on the fallback this week? I just dont understand why its taking so long. Im frustrated not really mad at anyone…just wish i knew something…

i have the same problem. been down since monday afternoon

I’m getting super pissed! All my buddies playing since Monday and I can’t!It’s day 4 of this nonsense! Does 343 actually care about the minority? Do you actually care 343!?

i am still ahving that problem now, been stuck.with reach

Its okay because Microsoft said they fixed it already and it only affects isolated numbers of people.

Yeah they are full of ****