servers down ? no way

Are the servers down I cant get on .Says rea h servers are unavailable

Same here. I can’t even look at my stats on Waypoint.

Yes i can’t see my stats… damn, and i can’t play the matchmaking…

Same here I thought it was just my internet.

omFg!!! I really scared me when I saw my “RANK 0” on Waypoint

Are they going to fix it

I hope they fix it halo 3 is the same as well. I need my reach fix. Btw add me on HT GDM hopefully we can play again soon.

Once I got on I was going to complete the daily challenge but sadly the servers went down…

Playing bioshock infinite until it comes back on.

Does anybody know why this is happening??

It’s scheduled maintenance. My service record is working so it should be finished now.

Halo: Reach is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please refer to this thread for further updates.