Servers down again

Can we please get a update on here or Twitter for why the servers are down and for how long? Just wasted a double exp boost before the servers went down not happy.

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Maybe they’re fixing BTB? I can hope lol

I hope they refund my the exp boost I just waisted was going the ranked challenge for a cool instant level up to get kicked out of multiplayer. Why did they not do a oh heads up we are shutting down the servers for a update between these two times.

Happened to me yesterday so I feel your pain. I also wasted 4 challenges swaps on a “win 2 ranked” for it to just swap between that and “play 4 ranked” would of been noce to know they’re locked in categories

They are back working for me…did go down for al little bit though

Servers are now back up it waisted about 20 minutes of my double exp boost I feel cheated