Servers connectivity

Ok 343 need to work on this big time. The game is good still needs some improvements but nothing will be wort it unless we can sort out the server connection problems.
Now I have turned on in my settings to see my ping/latceny
Worst games 250ms to 300ms
Bad games 150ms to 200ms
Average games 80ms to 100ms
Best games 25ms to 30ms

Even with 11ms the game still lags and has problems with server issues. When I finish a game the next wont load up because it can’t connect to server. Unstable connection or package loss or increased jittering. All these warnings pop up nearly every game. The best game I had was when the flight were out.

Now of course I know that this classed as a beta. 343 need to work on it as soon as possible. Between crossplay, SBMM and servers its a challenge to even play this game at all most times. I’ve posted and commented on other posts and people agree that lag is bad.

Why not have it like the MCC and be able to filter out the servers that are not in your region and be able to turn off crossplay.