Servers are Unavailable (invalid server region)

Around 2 - 4 weeks ago MCC custom browser and MCC matchmaking wouldn’t load for me.
When I went on social matchmaking it would just kick me back into the game/mode selection without any prompts coming up to tell me what’s wrong

For custom browser it just never stops loading and none of the servers show up. Sometimes a prompt might show up saying that my server regions are invalid and I need to reset to defaults, I reset to default yet it doesn’t do anything, not just that I go to the server region settings and they keep loading and on the times they do show the regions, it says the ping is unavailable.

Can anyone help me here? I’ve verified folders, I’ve reinstalled my game, restarted my PC and nothing is working

Also I copy and pasted this post on Reddit and within 20 minutes of making it. It got taken down by Moderators for no apparent reason

“blah blah we take down posts to make communities safe blah blah”

like what the hell