Servers are still terrible nearly 60 days later

It’s truly astonishing how nearly 2 months after the servers started to turn into a steaming pile of crap there hasn’t been any official post, or actual acknowledgment of when it’ll be fixed. I can honestly accept a little bit of packet loss here and there from these bloody old Azure servers, but getting near 50ms spikes is just inexcusable at this point regardless of the internal issues plaguing 343 management. It especially makes playing from Australia rage inducing when the game slaps you with artificial lag just because the server decides to have a moment, can’t imagine what it’s like for others who rarely see low ping games, but these problems should be met with some haste and not sat on until a time when the player base continues to leave due to lack of response.

I didn’t type this to rant, more voicing frustration waiting for some resolution and a time-frame.


They have been bad since release. And they get worse every update.

My guess is that the super strict SBMM is partly to blame. It prioritizes skill over connection and 343 has continued to make skill a higher priority with each update. This is pretty much the opposite of what they should be doing as it means you will be playing on worse and worse connections as the population drops off.

The best this game ever played was in the pre-release flights. This is probably because they cared more about prioritizing the connections to the servers during the flights and less about the SBMM.


its insane how bad it is …