Servers Already Down!?

They announced servers going down December even with 10s of thousands on these games who cannot afford xbox 1, new halo, new controller etc… How is it April and they are already letting this happen? Please update the server and let the original fans enjoy what theyve paid for

Something must be going on. Yesterday I tried to go on Reach just to see if there were any campaign challenges I could do, but my profile refused to update and the challenges tab was unavailable. I also couldn’t access my Service Record or my File Share. Hopefully it’s only temporary.

Would be heartbreaking if they are down. I just tried loading them all up and nothing. I was really looking forward to finally returning for a final hoorah this summer, so I would love for this to just be a temporary hiccup.

No, they haven’t been taken offline yet. Something like that would have been announced already, the current plans are still the end of the year. Issues right now are very likely temporary. You can use this thread in the mean time—unavailable-server/845206b5-3974-4d98-870f-d42deea76bed/posts