Server tick rate?

Anybody know what the server tick rate is for Infinite? It feels like -Yoink!- 30, please raise the server tick rate to atleast 64, i hate getting killed after turning a corner, this always pisses me off when it happens. So come on microsoft, give us better servers please.


Very much agree; it feels really slow and unresponsive. I hope that will change on full launch, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Im sure they are already 60HZ tick-rate but even i feel is low. This game should have 120hz tick-rate servers


Yes please, I am hoping its just a beta thing. The ranked modes at least need to be upped from whatever it is.

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no, its 30hz tick rate.

listen. Just because there is beta in the title, doesnt mean this is a beta.

This is full release, nothing will change. The dev team is on vacation. This is full release.


I know its not a real beta but that’s what everyone calls it so that’s what I call it. I actually mean pre release, like they have it at 30 just for pre release for testing and will up it on or around Dec 8th.

lol, 343 won’t change a thing. you really thinkcares about this?

They have already said they are changing things so if we ask and talk about this they might.

you really think they gonna change a thing they HAVE to know already? beside, I guess it’s not that sinple as typing in a new number…

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They knew the game looked bad when they first showed it and they changed it, they also knew the challenge system and no game xp was bad and they kinda changed them. I don’t think its as simple as changing a number but since its a microsoft game most likely on microsoft servers they can just give themselves better servers.

The whole game feels like a slow haze even though we are moving fast. Hit registration is terrible and I’m on a 1 gb fiber connection.


Right… Just because they say it’s a beta, title it like a beta, structure it like a beta, open it to the public before release, and ask for constructive feedback that they can implement at launch… Doesn’t mean it’s a beta, right?