Server Region Selection

As I’ve said countless times, they’ll do it after a year when the Aus / rest of the non NA population is dead and buried.

Then be like “see, this is why we don’t do it, there’s not enough players”

…Gee I wonder why

For a game they hope will last ten years, they better address it.

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It’s been awful today. Lord of the pings.


this has nothing to do with this thread


That is exactly what they will do. They wil kill this game themselves.

Playing on xbox earlier though on an EU (local for me) server, I heard some Americans moaning about their shots being off lol. 343 even given the home team the premium experience


How server selection isn’t available at launch is beyond me. Way to piss players off 343.

Yep should be a standed feature

My favourite back in the days of P2P was anyone from Europe or America complaining about Australian connection when we got host over you guys maybe 1/100 times. And they would all quit, if we quit every time we played on off host we’d have never played a match hahahah

But I do hope they add some bloody Aus servers and a lock for the region

Just made a post about this same issue. Hope 343 responds to this issue asap

I play on SEA region but half the games in ranked I am playing on 200-300 ms. It’s worse if I select KBM input, if there are not enough players I would rather not play than to endure laggy 300 ms experience.

Plus this Fracture event also has the same problem. I would take 150 ms as my limit, anything beyond that is unplayable.

Its baffling how a competitive game doesn’t have this basic feature.

Is 343 going to answer or not :interrobang:

I am excluded for having left the game too often. :sob:
Rarely, when my ping is around 50, I play and it’s so good ! :smiley:
Too often, when it’s between 250 and 400, I quit because it’s unplayable. :grimacing:

343 excludes players from :south_africa: :reunion: :mayotte: ( :fr: ) :mauritius: :madagascar: :sri_lanka: :maldives: :seychelles: :comoros: :namibia: :botswana: :zimbabwe: :mozambique: :zambia: :angola: :malawi: :congo_brazzaville: :congo_kinshasa: :gabon: :tanzania: :kenya:who want to play in good conditions :disappointed_relieved:

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Just played a ranked match on what I believe was US server (I am in the UK) because of many times higher ping compared to what I would get on European servers.

It is annoying that in ranked modes players are sometimes placed on other continent for matchmaking, it is not fair and makes the whole experience worse.

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Any news from 343? Still infuriating

I know everyone’s interested in an official solution, however there’s an unofficial one, search for:
“# NO MORE LAG/LATENCY! Halo Infinite (PC) - Pick your own SERVER/REGION”
on Youtube or in the halo reddit:
“[BUG FIX] NO MORE LAG! Select the server you want to play on! A guide on how to play Halo on the server you deserve.”

Have fun everyone!! It’s 100% working for me.


damn… this works… I recommend all Australian players do this.

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Should be a default setting in the game.


Yes please this really needs to be one of the first things that 343 need to sort out as soon as possible.

Works your a legend thanks for posting that. The reply I got from 343 was no solution at this time

Full game releases in a week, and still radio silence from 343. What a yoink show

Just give us dedicated aussie server. Our country ain’t even big to manage. Cmon put in the effort and you’ll get our respects and maybe a sausage sizzles

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