Server problems uk?

Got a late start at school today so I decided to play a few games of halo, but it won’t find a single person? Never had a problem finding matches in the morning. Anyone else experiencing this?

Same here, cant find anyone to play with??

Everybody in Europe is struggling to find games during off peak hours since the February season started.

They have made changes to how regions connect to their local servers and as a result we are being left in the cold.

They will fix it eventually but since it took them this long to try and fix the fact we play on US servers the majority of the time I can’t see them fixing it anytime soon.

One solution is to join a fireteam with Americans and then search. Not a solution I advocate.

… As all as the US is fine they do care ?

Surely microsoft have enough money to build a mid atlantic island and put some servers on it?

Yeah, out of peak time games are slower to find now but I think they’re better games overall when you get them. I’d rather have three good games in an hour than four malarky ones!

I’m in the UK and find it almost impossible to find matches since the latest update. Searches for spartans for around 10 minutes then times out saying it can’t find players. So, so frustrating. I just want to play the damn game. Hopefully more threads bring it to their attention and they fix it asap.