Server Problems beginning after new MOTD?

My xbox was on all last night 4/28 through 4/29 when 343 sent out the notice that they are changing the Multiplayer playlists and ending double XP. Since then I have not been able to connect to any matchmaking. Yes I have signed out and back in. Yes I have hardbooted the xbox. I cannot get anny server activity from Halo:MCC…but also it seems Halo 5 is affected too. I normally have no problema playing Multiplayer and I’ve made no changes to my home network sincr I was playing online last night.

Anyone else?

According to there is a service alert for content usage and connecting to live so it is possible that is the problem. Might be with xbox live and nothing to do with you or 343.

EDIT: Read here.

There were issues with Xbox Live services last night OP, these should now be resolved.