server probems

I’m on NYS east cost capital region area. I am lagging badly if u want to call it that I have over 60 mbps download speed and a packet loss of 1% MTU of 1456 so its not my connection I’m also using ethernet so its not a wifi problem and a OPEN net so yeah!
When I’m playing i lag and me and players keep jumping around disappearing and then i get thrown into almost like a state of limbo the other players are walking and running into the walls and it’s almost like a glitch or bug and then i die and when I’m walking i disappear and appear on the other side of the map. When I’m about to take down another player they disappear and reappear behind me that they kill me and thats when it happens again the respawn counter freezes and the other players ore doing that were limbo thing and if there are not into a wall say i the middle of the map they will all run to the edges of the map. This will continue back and forth for the entire duration of the game. My older brother works for fancy computer IT security job has a masters in computer information and computer engineering. and he looked into it he sad i look like the CONNECTION TO THE SERVERS IS NO GOOD!!! so 343 whats the point of having dedicated servers if they are CRAP. I tried every game type this didn’t happen when i first started and it did this in MCC too so I’ve very disappointed can’t even play multiplyer :frowning: