Server performance deteriorating beyond acceptable

Dear 343,

I am writing this to tell you that what has been a concern from launch has actually gotten even worse lately. From a logical point of view I understand that you do not want me to quit playing Halo 5, you want to retain as many players as possible in the H5 player pool. In fact we all want that, its beneficial for the community as a whole to have large population playing your game. But I can only take the way H5 runs right now as a message from you telling me to quit this game for good!

At launch there were lots of complaints from EU players about playing on US servers. First we got region lock temporarily, and then you delivered the search criteria we have now. Things did improve, I use “focused” search only which gives me EU servers. It did however not give me a great solution but has kept me playing the game. I still feel that at best 50-70ms ping with a lot of jitter (lag spikes) is not good enough and it is only because the servers are still too distant, while I also suspect the network code for H5 is not quite at benchmark levels.

Lately though, other things have gotten much worse. I would estimate that from about 30% or so of the games I try to play I get a disconnected before the game has even started. I see this also happening to other players frequently as many games start with one or two players missing from the game. They could have quit/dropped out for other reasons but I believe DC at game start is a major problem for others too. I rarely DC during a game and rarely had any of these issues in the first 8-9 months or so after launch.

There´s also the retrieving data issue that has been persistent since launch. But along with the DC the whole range of server stability related issues has peaked as of late. Often I can not use or access my boosts before the game starts, buy reqs in the store, open req packs awarded, check post game stats, the menues freeze, I cannot go back to the main menu and the next game starts without me wanting to play it, and the list of issues goes on. All of this “cloud computing tech” has really taken away from the user experience as it has too many problems. I want more things to happen locally on my Xbox and then sync to the servers, not the other way around as you have too many issues with synching data properly.

Please 343, you have to rethink this concept for Halo 6. Cloud storage is good for you guys, but I can´t see any pros for us players though, only cons. Also, unless you do what other developers are doing and provide more regional servers with low ping and stable connections, I and many like me will never be content. I know for a fact that you have lost many international players due to server issues. Please consider selectable servers in future updates for H5 and any future games while providing more regional servers to chose from.

Game content is important for sure. But content matters little when the user experience is severely hurt by poor networking performance. And yes, I can assure that the issues reported here are not on my end of the line. I have been doing this for long enough to know.

Thanks for reading.