Server Issues

So are the servers going to get fixed? Can only play about 2 matches of SWAT before I get dropped due to a lost connection. About half the time after that, the playlist options are grayed out and unselectable, and other times it says connection lost immediately after selecting social, ranked, or warzone. I can play every other game just fine. I have an Ethernet cable connected to my xbox one and I gigabit internet. Also, I have other friends with the same issue.

Try restarting your internet router by either…

  • Unplugging it for 10 - 30 seconds before plugging it back in - Holding down the reset button on the unit (you’ll need a toothpick) until it restarts itselfEither process will generally take 5 minutes to complete and will flush out the more stubborn issues.

im having the same issue

It’s been going on since around Friday last week we just have to hold tight and wait

Still down? Damn.

Warzone same way. Called xbox live Sunday, said the only problems with games were purchasing. Thats why any other game you played was fine. I believe i read the servers for Halo were microsoft not 343, so probably ANOTHER bug in the matchmaking not the server. Depends on who you Want to believe, but the game freezing after the match is not the servers

Same thing doconects and laggy gameplay where my automatic weapons don’t do any damage. My single shot weapons like my pistols and sniper or DMR don’t register shots. Hit ghost meeles and my grenades do not do any damage it’s literally like every game.

There were issues with Xbox Live over the weekend which should be cleared up now. Gonna ng to redirect this to the pinned servers thread, feel free to leave details of any issues there