server issues?

hey guys
for the past two months my profile has not been able to connect to matchmaking as the server is currently unavailable.
i have contacted microsoft to know avail.
i know this is not a problem with my account as i can access other xbox live features for that account, also my online profiles have the ability to see their rank.
this may be a problem with my upstream bandwidth and/or packet loss rates.

does anyone have any solutions to this problem?
they would be greatly appreciated.


i am having sorta the same issue i can play the games tho but n e time the game goes into black screen and its switching hosts i get sent back to lobby even in the middle of the game and nat is open, and when i make it thru a good game with no lag at all and the black screen say saving stats, it then trys to find a new host again when there isnt one at all it takes awhile to get to slot machine and then kicks me outta my party im in, so yes i need to have sorta the same answer as well

Not trying to sound creeperish, but where do you live? Most of the Oceania region is having difficulties connecting, which is an ISP-related issue.

Also, what’s your internet speed?