Server issues... Update please?

So all day today, the multiplayer servers have been epically slow and laggy. I was able to join matchmaking games up until the last 2-4 hours and now nothing… Also wither in or out of multiplayer match, I cannot access the Reqs or specific multiplayer data and when finishing a game, keeps saying “retrieving data” or 3-5 minutes and can’t back out short of restarting the console. Says the same with Req system. Cannot see Store/ open packs or collections. Also have noticed quite a few irritated players on this forum with complaints regarding getting unfairly banned without proper cause. Example: Everyone else DC’s (so it would appear on their end) on multiple games and yet said poster/player receives a ban. I’d like to receive an update atleast to find out what is going on and when the issues will either be addressed or fixed. Thank you.

I also had that retrieving data yesterday, prtior to my unwarranted disconnect ban, I’m working soon so won’t have time to play today, probably a good thing lol, but the OP dererves this reply to bump the thread, sort it please 343i.

Been bumped from March making games now mid game 3 times and received a ban. Can some please describe W T F is going on. I don’t expect to pay good money for a game that is this dysfunctional. If the problem is complex then please explain so at least users have some context. I am a programmer so please humor me.

It it is extremely frustrating. This has happened in halo 4, master chief now halo 5, explain or I will not be investing in halo 6.


I can’t believe they made the mistake of listening to the vocal minority. They kept whining about the lack of regional servers, now we’ve got them and they don’t work. I’ve been sitting here browsing the forums for the last hour while trying to find a single game. Only had one game in that amount of time last night but people were teleporting round all over the place. Seems that the game was so pleased to find a single match that it didn’t even check connection quality.

Didn’t have any matchmaking or lag issues before they locked the servers down, neither do I have any issues when I party up with friends in the US or Canada. It’s genuinely upsetting that Halo 5 might go the same way as the MCC for me, even more so considering it was working perfectly up until a couple of weeks ago.

They can’t change it back soon enough.