Server issues...Still!

How are there still so many server issues. About a month ago I got a legendary XP Boost for warzone, and due to my fear of server issues and getting abruptly ejected from games, I held off from using it…Until today when I went into a warzone game with it. Anyways we were destroying the other team, I myself was doing good, a couple boss kills as per usual, base captures, kills and assists. We had all 3 bases, we were going for the core, and right as I shoot a guy getting off a gungoose/mongoose. The game just ends, from I can only guess is server issues. Anyways, I lost the XP Boost, and didn’t get to win the game. i’m just frusturated that the game servers are still so poor. I remember I used to play titanfall and I can’t recall a single time the servers wronged me. Is halo 5 the only game to have this problem to this extent?

unlucky my friend…

I guess I am unlucky, but similar scenarios have happened before.