Server Issues - Lost Sparton Ops Progress

Hi all, I know the servers are having some issues right now, but thought I would bring this to the devs attention in case anyone else had experienced this.

I was playing Spartan Ops with 3 of my friends, and we ploughed through chapters 1-4 on legendary, then the server issue strikes and we are unable to connect to each other and continue to chapter 5.

After a few attempts we managed to get in a game once again and proceeded to complete chapter 5 on legendary, but no achievement.

When I went back to check, my progress on chapters 2, 3 and 4 had not been recorded and was only showing them completed on heroic, although it had recorded chapters 1 and 5.

Just thought I would bring it up, it’s no big deal as I ultimately get the XP twice for the 3 that didn’t record, but it may be a frustration for those tackling the missions alone or having trouble with them.


it’ll come back eventually

everyone’s had this problem but it does come back don’t worry